Soul-Stirring Structures

Since humans first began congregating in spiritual spaces centuries ago, they have practiced their faith within vast interiors of inspiring heights. Today is no exception as architects design prayer and assembly spaces with modern materials and innovative building systems.

Skyward in Monterrey

Geometrica blended space and spirituality at San Juan de los Lagos in Monterrey, Mexico. A stunning sculpture of metal (called Hyparwave™) weaves upward in a heavenly spiral — an engineering feat made possible by our Freedome technology.

Blessedly artistic geometric patterns ascend above a tiered sanctuary at San Juan de los Lagos in Monterrey.

Blessedly artistic geometric patterns ascend above a tiered sanctuary at San Juan de los Lagos in Monterrey.

Beneath the soaring ceiling is a wide open sanctuary basking in the architectural beauty from two levels. These tiers and unique interior and exterior aesthetic artfully transcends physical borders. The design makes this large worship area seem more intimate and purposeful, exemplify soul-stirring worship and lending an architectural impact to Monterrey's landscape and beyond.

Ghana’s Perez Chapel: A Hall for Thousands

The "7th Wonder" of Ghana, also known as the Perez Dome (formerly Word Miracle Church International), sat uncovered for two years. The 14,000 seat auditorium — spanning 59 meters in a octagonal plan — was outside of the free-span capability of local structural suppliers.

The Most Rev. Dr. Charles Agyinasare, presiding bishop of the over 500 affiliates and associate independent churches, reached out to Geometrica all the way from Accra, Ghana. He needed a solution… and Geometrica delivered an eight-sided marvel.

san juan monterrey.jpg

Rather than design (then hide) an unwieldy tangle of truss work, Geometrica's Freedome offered a soaring symphony of geometric patterns within an arbitrary support boundary involving hundreds of individually barcoded tubes.

Geometrica's construction system permits great open spans with no supports or other visual noise. The end result sweeps upward and elevates the praise and worship experience — especially when the sun lights up the largest dome of its kind in Africa.

The Mosque in (Tropical) Paradise

Hulhumale Mosque sits on a beautiful island located in the North Male Atoll, Maldives. As Male's well-known architectural and cultural landmark, the mosque's architecture is unique in the area and immediately recognizable by its spectacular circular dome and minaret tower.

Beautiful in a dusk silhouette, a mosque and minaret welcome the faithful in the Maldives.

Beautiful in a dusk silhouette, a mosque and minaret welcome the faithful in the Maldives.

The golden splendor beckons the faithful, while the infrastructure provides a complete worship environment in a multilevel hall. The discipline of order and balance, combined with freedom of form, provides a spacious, peaceful space that can accommodate daily prayers for locals and visitors alike.

Iglesia Ebenezer: Honduras

The Iglesia de Cristo Ebenezer in Honduras is home to 6,500 worshippers any given Sunday. 76 meters of spacious sanctuary are covered by a column-free dome, making this a wide open circular floor plan with geometric elements that accommodate the large congregation in this thriving church, media center and foster family outreach ministry.

Worship meets design on a grand scale in Honduras.

Worship meets design on a grand scale in Honduras.

Geometrica manufactured this Freedome for the outskirts of San Pedro Sula in 2010. The dome covers the sanctuary, complete with a grand vestibule, majestic stage and main nave. Iglesia de Cristo Ebenezer, a generously proportioned church and has become a magnet for the community. This is a place where men, women and children gather for devotion, education, and fellowship in the heart of Honduras.

A Practical Parish

San Juan Bautista de la Salle combines efficient domed roofing and beautiful exterior architecture to meet the needs of a close-knit congregation.

The interior, designed without walls or barriers, allows the flow of communal traffic to accommodate masses, weddings, funerals and public gatherings. Built to last, this structure is well-recognized for its geometric aesthetic and has become a revered icon in the community.

This is among Geometrica's hallmarks — a merging of unique design and freestyle architecture — which can be seen first hand in Monterrey, Mexico.

Glory Sanctuary

During 2018 construction on Glory Sanctuary (Nigeria) took place, showcasing an enormous Geometrica structure on top of a 75,000 seat capacity church.

What Can Geometrica do for You?

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