Discover a versatile structural system that empowers the creation of distinctive form.

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Free Form

Form is the most basic of architectural features. It is defined by structure and expresses the character of a building. Geometrica is the structural solution that empowers design professionals to create distinctive forms for iconic buildings. This system offers complete geometric freedom and economic efficiency.


Beautiful Skylights and Façades

Geometrica structures may be clad with glass in single pane or insulated panels. Fabric, ETFE and polycarbonate are also frequent selections for either skylights or façades. Combine opaque and transparent panels for striking effects.

Geometrica structures offer limitless design freedom: long span and free form combine to lend awe-inspiring beauty to any facility.

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Long Span

When your goal is long span, light weight and aesthetic beauty, Geometrica Freedomes are a breath of fresh air.

Geometrica domes can reach spans of up to 300 meters. When needed, Geometrica structures can cantilever more than 50 meters. Their strength comes from their structural form. The domes can be engineered to support catwalks, scoreboards, sound and lighting, curtains and rigging - everything needed for the venue.



Geometrica structures are efficient and beautiful solutions for a variety of uses.

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