Company Profile


Geometrica has designed, manufactured and installed domes and space frame structures since 1992. The company has developed unique technology to build stunning long-span structures for architectural and industrial buildings. With facilities in Houston, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico, Geometrica supports its clients with a global network of representatives, and has delivered domes and space frames in over 40 countries.

Geometrica structures are used in sports venues, convention centers, houses of worship, offices, industrial plants and domes for environmental protection. The construction is based on an advanced structural system, either in steel or aluminum, and covered in materials such as glass, wood or metal.


One of Geometrica's first Freedomes® completed in 1993.



Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision 

Geometrica was founded and operates with the vision of designing and building uniquely efficient structures. Using the latest in information technology, engineering and materials science, Geometrica creates structures that are attractive, affordable and refreshingly different from others offered in the market, thereby attracting customers from around the world.

our Mission

Geometrica’s mission is to design and build the most attractive and efficient structures for each job. We strive to exceed the customers expectations through our quality focus, teamwork and leading-edge technology. We strive to offer employees and suppliers attractive opportunities. Geometrica will always be honest and fair. Fulfilling our mission leads to added value for our customers and stakeholders and results in higher returns for Geometrica.

Our values 

Individually and as a company, at Geometrica we value ethics, safety, quality, learning and continuous improvement. We are passionate about exceeding our client’s expectations and we recognize that profitability is essential in doing so.



Our Team


Senior Leadership

Our managers and directors are focused on ensuring a quality product and exceptional customer service.  


Francisco Castaño, P.E
Chief Executive

Dr. Raul del Toro
Chief Operating Officer

Gerardo Méndez
Chief Financial Officer /
Chief Quality Officer

Cecilio Zalba
Sales Manager

Rogelio Contreras
Plant Manager


Board of Directors

Our board is made up of distinguished engineers, entrepreneurs and researchers. From our inception they have and continue to believe in Geometrica's success.


Francisco Castaño

Carlos Ferregut
Chairman, Dept. of Civil Engineering, UTEP

Humberto Garza Domínguez
CEO, Univest

Rafael Garza Martinez
CEO, Plate

Jose Maiz García
CEO, Constructora Maiz Mier

Carlos Maiz García
COO, Constructora Maiz Mier

James L. Tribble
former CEO, Tribble and Stephens

Roel Castaño