Safety and Quality Policies


Safety Policy

Geometrica and all its employees are committed to

  • providing a safe and healthy workplace

  • prevent injury and illness in the workplace

  • continuously improve the company's performance in the provision of a safe and healthy workplace, and

  • meet or exceed all legal or contractual requirements related to safety and health in the localities where it carries out work activities.

In order to achieve the above, Geometrica maintains the following documents available for consultation and revision by any employee:

  • a Safety and Health Manual on wiki,

  • a database of hazard identification, risk assessment and determination of controls to mitigate these risks, and

  • a database of corrective and preventive actions.

Geometrica's safety and health system is based on BS OHSAS 18001.

The Safety and Health Manual contains the company safety objectives and makes reference to safe work practices and procedures. All persons that work for Geometrica as employees or contractors must be familiar with this policy and the safe work practices and procedures related to their work.



Quality Policy

Geometrica is committed to designing, fabricating and installing high quality structures that meet all expectations of our customers. Quality means the consistent compliance with:

  1. the contract with our client,

  2. applicable laws and regulations, and

  3. Geometrica's own quality requirements.

To deliver high quality in its products, improve continuously and satisfy our customers requirements, the Company runs an ISO 9001-certified management system documented in Geometrica's wiki. The system provides policies, procedures and other standards for quality work. All employees shall be familiar with Geometrica's wiki and shall know how to access content in the wiki that is relevant to their work. Each employee is responsible for the quality of their work, and is empowered to use their knowledge to improve the system.