The System



Skylights, canopies, vents and other accessories complement your dome


Openings and Canopies

Access openings for equipment, vehicles, personnel or conveying equipment can be designed in any shape or size. Customized canopies, doors, frames and hatches are available for all openings.



Apex and perimeter ventilation openings are practical solutions for natural ventilation. Extraction fans are easily installed when forced ventilation is required.



Translucent panels or modular skylights contribute natural lighting, energy cost savings and additional beauty to your structures. Skylights can be arranged in attractive patterns for maximum daylight inside the dome.



Geometrica galvanized steel ladders are built for safety, using non-slip threads. Our galvanized steel walkways are provided with OSHA-approved guide rails and nonslip grating. Ladders and walkways provide access to electrical and ventilation systems, to mechanical penthouses, conveyors, galleries and safety exits.



Thermal or acoustic materials can be placed within the Geometrica structure to achieve desired temperature conductivity or noise reverberation targets. Double cladding systems are available for additional insulation.


Geometrica structures are customized to suit each project's specific requirements.