Many industrial processes can benefit from expansive, column-free environments which permit the free flow of product and equipment. For these processes, traditional post and beam systems are restrictive and not efficient.In recent years, leading architects have pioneered the design and construction of long span roofs for production facilities using Geometrica. Their buildings provide unprecedented functionality in the new plants.

    Geometrica free form domes and space frames make possible structures like the pictured Nemak domes, with breathtaking free-spans 224m long. The plant layouts are no longer constrained to a grid. Production flow can be easily changed and equipment updated when necessary.
    110m Dome, Marchwood, UK and
    224m long Nemak Freedome@
    112*112m Rassini
    Manufacturing Freedome@
    Arches and flat or sloped space frames are also feasible and provide efficient and elegant structural forms for a wide variety of manufacturing buildings.

    Clear spans of up to 60m have been built with flat Geometrica space frames.

    In hot climates, the warm air in a high clearance structure rises and is ventilated out, resulting in a more comfortable work area and saving on cooling costs. Also, the air space in the higher parts of the building is an efficient insulator, as in the Rassini plant for automobile break systems shown above.