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    Company Profile

    Geometric Storage Domes


    Geometrica has designed, manufactured and installed domes and space frame structures since 1992. The company has developed unique technology to build stunning long-span structures for architectural and industrial buildings. With facilities in Houston, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico, Geometrica supports its clients with a global network of representatives, and has delivered domes and space frames in 30 countries.
    Structural Solutions
    Geometrica structures are used in sports venuesconvention centershouses of worshipofficesindustrial plants and domes for environmental protection. The construction is based on an advanced structural system, either in steel or aluminum, and covered in materials such as glass, wood or metal.
    Value Proposal
    Geometrica generates value on the following:
    Customer first. Every Geometrica building is custom-engineered to meet our client's requirements. Wiki workspaces enable agile project collaboration and timely completion.
    Dependable organization. Its long history of successful deliveries make Geometrica the preferred and trusted solution.
    Environmental awareness. Geometrica structures are milestones in their localities, enhance our customer's image, and protect the environment.
    Cost. Technology based products make Geometrica solutions competitive with conventional systems.
    Certified Quality. BSI, the largest ISO 9001 registrar in the world, certifies that Geometrica's Quality Management System complies with ISO 9001:2008 standard.
    Considering its customers' needs, Geometrica offers:
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