Form is the most basic of architectural features: it is set by structure and defines a building's character. More and more design professionals are discovering and specifying a structural system that provides exciting forms for landmark buildings. This system, Geometrica®, is a true new medium for architectural expression and a platform for technology to meet elegance and modern design.

    Sports facilities, exhibition centers, passenger terminals, malls, assembly areas, production facilities and many other buildings require distinctive structures to cover great spans with no intermediate supports. These are the types of application where Geometrica provides the most striking and cost effective solutions. Geometrica space frames and free-style structures are efficient and, most importantly, beautiful.

    Geometrica structures are made with its versatile structural system of strong and corrosion resistant galvanized steel or aluminum and are finished with powder- or wet-coatings in custom colors. Cladding may consist of any roof and ceiling system in combination with translucent or transparent skylights. The light, prefabricated structures are containerized and shipped from our plant to anywhere in the world, where they are readily installed by local labor.

    These pages describe the Geometrica system, show what has been done and some of what is possible, provide sample details and specifications for Geometrica space frames and domes, and invite you to discover Geometrica's potential as your new architectural medium.