Update: Philippines

Another coal stockpile is under cover. This circular dome spans 125m diameter with a height of 40m. An area of approximately 11,500m2 is enclosed with double-layer (Vierendeel) geometry.

  • The greenfield project is designed to have the latest eco-friendly technology - including the new Geometrica dome that will cover 180,000 tons of coal. Located near the city of Toledo in the Cebu province, Therma Visayas will operate the 340-MW power plant to meet growing power demand.

  • Therma Visayas Inc. is a joint venture between AboitizPower and Vivant Corp. Hyundai Engineering & Construction is the EPC contractor. 

  • The cladding phase for the Therma Visayas dome is now complete after about 7 weeks. Corrosion-resistant aluminum was utilized due to its proximity to the coast. Designed with a wind tunnel test at BMT Fluid Mechanics (UK), this dome will withstand wind speeds of up to 66 m/s (147.6 mph).  

  • Aluminum cladding covers 95% with translucent panels for natural light.  

Geometrica, Inc.