Turning Ideas Into Reality

To realize elegant and intriguing buildings, not just any construction system will do.  Elegance implies both beauty and simplicity ... but it doesn't mean you should settle for a “box.” Uncommon architecture is possible when constraints associated with conventional building construction are lifted. 

Geometrica’s structural system provides options that are as endless as your imagination, whether spanning across an industrial site or serving as an iconic public landmark.

With our architectural roots dating back to the 1960s, Geometrica takes curvature beyond simple shape and into structural purpose.  Free-form becomes efficient, helping exciting design ideas become a reality.  Our system can add beauty to a temple, create harmony at a water park, or wrap a building in a curtain of splendor. 


Single Gridshell, Multiple Curvatures

Geometrica structures use compact universal aluminum connectors that develop full yield strength of the joined steel tubes.  Strong in both tension and compression, the structures can be shaped into surfaces of revolution as well as combinations of dome-type curvature and inverse curvature within a single gridshell. 

When a design creates dramatic surfaces curving in opposite directions, we call it a Hyparwave™ structure.  These variations on the dome theme allow for creative surface whirls.  The building envelope soars.

Capturing uncommon architecture in limitless ways is a trademark of Geometrica structures.  We can help you achieve;

  • Interiors free of columns

  • Monumental glass skylights

  • Curtain walls and façades for free-style buildings

  • Megadomes with spans up to 300m

Our transformative structures surpass conventional buildings in both aesthetics and functionality, striking the eye of the beholder in diverse ways. Whatever the interpretation, Geometrica transforms the concept of conventional construction into extraordinary art forms, offering efficiency with aesthetics like no other. 


Beyond the Box

Step away from conventional thinking. Geometrica's system is being used for both industrial and architectural facilities worldwide, with outstanding results. Hyparwave and Freedome® designs provide a strong structure to support a variety of cladding systems, including glass, metal-deck and built-up roofing. 

Soumaya showered by the sun (Mexico City)

Soumaya showered by the sun (Mexico City)

Used as a secondary structure, Geometrica brings exacting, complex curvatures to landmark buildings, such as The Museo Soumaya in Mexico City. Geometrica built the freestyle structure to support the façade of this impossibly curved, multistory museum. The façade consists of 16,000 shiny aluminum hexagons that appear to “float” on the building’s surface, separated by just millimeters. If buildings may evoke movement, the Soumaya's undulating exterior is it.

Freedorm attractive in Qatar.

Freedorm attractive in Qatar.

In Qatar, Geometrica’s unique structural system provided an ideal roof for a biofuel plant.  Aesthetically attractive, the structure is rectangular in shape and sits on a concrete perimeter that varies in elevation. It is clad in 3,384 triangular panels of painted steel covering 1,923m2 of green waste storage and various sorting and shredding machinery.

New emblematic milestone in Malta’s Great Port.

New emblematic milestone in Malta’s Great Port.

In Malta, DTR architects dramatically transformed a former naval hospital, unused and in disrepair for many years, into a stunning, hands-on, learning facility - Esplora, the country’s National Interactive Science Centre.  Like a soft cloth, the Geometrica structure nests a planetarium sphere in the center. Using single layer geometry, our aluminum tubes and connectors were shaped to cover an area of 538m2 with a wavy arrangement of supports and edge conditions.

Limitless Possibilities

The mission is to help you create emblematic buildings and building features that are both timeless and beautiful. Limitless variety is made possible by our sophisticated computerized design and manufacturing process.  Cost efficiency is achieved through structural purpose. Loads are supported using the strength and stiffness of geometric form, and the result is a structure with much less weight than that in conventional framing. 

Today, visionary architects sculpt their most dynamic ideas with the Geometrica structural system.  The question is, "What can Geometrica do for you?"

Isabella Castano