Geometrica's Freedome® of Design

Geometrica was pleased to be featured in the July 2014 issue of Gulf Construction Magazine.

Enjoy our interview regarding the development of Qatar's Domestic Solid Waste Management Center (DSWMC), a venture vital to the region's biomass, waste reclamation, energy recovery and electricity supply. Keppels Seghers sought a roof structure for the facility to process green waste such as yard and garden plants, tree cuttings, food and kitchen produce, vegetable peels and fruit rinds.

Our Freedome technology and long span design was instrumental in covering the DSWMC's green waste storage building, composting plant, discharge docks, internal crane and various materials. Aesthetically pleasing, cost competitive and with timely schedule advantages, the structure was ultimately clad in 3,384 panels of painted steel and is a landmark in the region.

As a worldwide leader in long span applications, Geometrica is delighted to collaborate with contractors, engineering firms, architects and clients, themselves, to achieve unique and efficient dome and barrel vault coverage.

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