Freedomes allow creativity, versatility and efficiency

Freedome® is Geometrica's trademark for free-style domes. These domes provide all the advantages of circular domes, but with a non-circular plan. Using the inherent strength of doubly curved surfaces Freedomes may clear spans up to 1000 ft (300m) and often are shaped to be the lightest structure to cover a specific free-form area. As circular domes, Freedomes may have lamella, kiewitt or lace in-surface pattern and single or double structural layers. Where Freedomes differ from circular domes is in their overall shape.

Four parameters are required to define a Freedome®:

  • Border of dome

  • Height at apex

  • One meridian

  • Angle in plan about which the selected meridian is taken.


There is literally an infinite number of possible plans for a Freedome®. Some of the more common are variations on the rectangle, but triangles, stars, ovals and other shapes are possible. The meridian in the one direction you choose may be parabolic, elliptical, circular, or any other smooth curve.

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To adapt to the changing edge of the dome, the meridian will vary as it is examined in other directions. But drawings need show only one of the sections in order to completely define the geometry. Once the geometry and support conditions of your structure are defined, Geometrica engineers can propose the most efficient patterns and layer options for your enclosure, or you may choose the pattern yourself.

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A Freedome® may be supported by concrete or steel columns, walls, edge beams, or slabs. The dome may be reinforced with an integral tension ring to withstand its horizontal reaction due to gravity loads. There are many variations on basic Freedome® shapes. Some interesting ones include:

  • Variations in spring line: the spring line of a Freedome® may vary in elevation when desired. This may allow side support, corner support, or higher edges for special openings.

  • Setting the apex off-center: This may be useful when one side is not supported, for instance in an amphitheater or an aviary.

  • Minimal surface: Another variation of an efficient Freedome® is a minimal surface; as the word describes it, it is the least surface necessary to cover a particular boundary. It can be achieved by varying the support heights, as illustrated in the figure. Other variations to a minimal surface can be achieved by applying a load to “dome” it.

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Geometrica has built the longest industrial domes in the world using Freedome® technology,
achieving major spans of 224 m. What can Geometrica build for you? Please fill our inquiry form for more information.

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