Environmentally Responsible Storage

Geometrica is pleased to share an article recently published in December 2014 issue of World Coal reporting examples of Geometrica domes that provide sustainable coal storage solutions.

Enjoy a unique look at domes engineered specifically to contain coal as a hazardous stockpile prone to combustion and explosions. Often, cladding is the key in minimizing risks, as well as efficient design.

The article begins with,

"Various industry sectors consume coal and one thing they all have in common is a need for the most efficient coal handling and bulk storage options on the market. Cement manufacture, iron smelting, fertiliser production and power generation are among the many industries that use this efficient fuel. All require facilities that contain the coal to prevent fugitive dust and rainwater runoff, while minimising the risk of undesired combustion. In the US alone, power plants are reported to burn more than 2.5 million tpd of coal. There is thus a great need for environmentally responsible storage solutions.

Consciousness about coal's environmental impact is becoming prevalent. Communities demand effective protection of vegetation, wildlife, livestock and settlements near coal stockpiles. But containing dust generated by point loading sources or large handling and storage areas is often challenging across geographies and climates. For instance...”

Geometrica, Inc.