Environmental Protection

"Spare the environment." This call to action is heard round the world and challenges industries to tread softly around Mother Nature. But sometimes compliance is more easily said than done. "Green" initiatives may seem cost prohibitive or difficult to implement. Logistics, terrain and weather may provide obstacles.

Challenges... and Solutions

Indeed, traditional building methods are often not practical or cost effective, especially when it comes to remote and rugged regions. Torturous mountain slopes or corrosive salt water environments require more than conventional building systems. They demand all-terrain solutions.

The answer lies in the Geometrica system, which produces lightweight and incredibly strong domes and barrel vaults. Our Freedomes® protect and enhance landscapes and neighboring communities regardless of togography or climate. These applications withstand the harshest environmental conditions, from typhoon-force winds to brutal snow loads. Our hallmarks include decades of experience, a proven building system, quality design, and an industrial portfolio showcasing iconic buildings in 30 countries.

As for span... these incredible structures can span up to 300m without internal columns. That's about the size of three football fields, and the barrier-free space creates a free flow of traffic, equipment and personnel.

Power Generation

Environmental protection and waste management go hand in hand. But can a recycling or biomass facility be a thing of beauty? Absolutely!

Design and functionality are hallmarks of Geometrica systems, as well as "green" initiatives that help companies and communities improve their environmental footprint. IIndustries involved in power generation are generally eco-aware. They may be located near estuaries and oceans, and their infrastructure must prevent runoff and contamination. Building must also be able to withstand corrosive saltwater, typhoon-force winds, heavy snow loads or brutal desert climates.

"Green" Technology

Companies can anticipate many operational benefits when utilizing Geometrica technology. Our projects encompass environmental protection, energy conservation, operational efficiencies and waste management projects:

  • Structures able to span and protect a remarkable 300m

  • Freedome® covers that safeguard people, livestock and vegetation from runoff, dust, noise and emissions

  • Domes, space frames and vaults that protect inventories from outside elements and contaminants

  • Unique gridshells that can be built over and around irregular shapes and live operations

  • All-terrain applications that withstand brutal snow loads, typhoon-force winds and corrosive saltwater

  • Use of natural light and translucent paneling

  • Structures ideal for power generation industries, biomass handling, recycling and waste management

  • Cost effective applications that can be assembled by local labor, thereby bolstering community economies

Following are examples of environmental protection cross many industry sectors, including manufacturing, warehousing, power generation and waste management. Geometrica solves unique problems with virtually endless design options.

Freedomes overcome environmental challenges and can span immense distances of 300m. Gridshell technology vastly surpasses traditional building systems by creating barrier-free infrastructure for the unimpeded movement of equipment, personnel, recycling inventory and raw material. The design maximizes storage and allows stockpiles to accumulate vertically, making full use of space. Whether biomass, waste-to-energy initiatives, or power generation, Geometrica has been privileged to build environmentally friendly structures for Tai Power in Taiwan, JEA in Florida, the DSWMC in Qatar, and the Marchwood facility in the UK.

Coexisting with a Cover

While Chile is known for wine production and copper mining, the two industries haven't always "mixed." 30km southeast of Copiapó City are grape plantations and families who work in the vineyards and mines. When dust from ore handling and crushing affected the landscape and crops, it was time to cover the plant and completely enclose the crushing operations. The task was a challenge, as the equipment and conveyors were not laid out with an enclosure in mind. A vast and irregular open air stockyard shifted unpredictably due to equipment, weather, inventory and other variables. The main area encompassed more than 5000 m2 – in a shape that was whimsically irregular after several expansions over the years.

A kidney shaped Freedome protects nearby vineyards from dust emissions

A kidney shaped Freedome protects nearby vineyards from dust emissions

At first the irregular size and sprawl of the Planta Cerrillos in Chile seemed impossible to cover. But with a dire need for dust control, and after foam and other barriers failed, Geometrica was called in to provide an environmentally sound solution. A dome (but not just any dome) was required. It had to be built around the perimeter of an oddly shaped stockyard, right over personnel, equipment and inventories. Further, the stockyard did not shut down during construction. So while the massive dome was constructed, it was "business as usual" – no downtime, no loss of production amidst full operations.

Today an enormous Freedome® and two small circular domes stand guard over dust. These lightweight, corrosion-resistant and incredibly strong covers are breathtaking – an architectural feat that "puts a lid" on environmental hazards. Now commerce and community coexist harmoniously in Chile, making emmissions control worry free.

Health, Safety, Environment

Geometrica adds value for clients through Health, Safety and Environment technology and a demonstrated focus on quality. Our ISO accreditations include ISO 9001:2008 certification through BSI, the largest ISO 9001 registrar in the world. Geometrica's Quality Management System complies with OHSAS 18001, the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. As an additional safety initiative, Geometrica has achieved compliance certification for ISO 3834-2 “Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials – Part 2: Comprehensive Quality Requirements” by TWI Certification Ltd of Cambridge, UK.

Geometrica earns safety and quality assurance accreditation as a premier dome builder.

Geometrica earns safety and quality assurance accreditation as a premier dome builder.

Geometrica's focus on safety affects every client and every project. Each application is engineered to meet or exceed health, safety and environmental standards. Structural accessories are available to further ensure the safety of workers, to protect manufacturing sites from typhoon-force winds and brutal snow loads, and to safeguard raw material stockpiles from combustion (among other hazards). Our systems are designed to maximize ventilation, the free flow of personnel and equipment, conveyor operations, and safety features.

For instance, galvanized steel ladders are built for safety using non-slip threads. Our galvanized steel walkways are provided with OSHA-approved guide rails and nonslip grating. Mechanical penthouses, conveyors, galleries and safety exits are built in to the infrastructure. Geometrica has a proven track record of safety initiatives.

The question is, "What can Geometrica build for you?" To learn more, please fill our inquiry form.

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