Video: Covering Coemin's Cerrillos Plant

Covering a mineral ore processing plant presented a unique challenge.  Following several expansions over the years, the main area encompassed more than 5000m2 in an irregular shape.   

There was no way to fit a conventional structure on this site.  The ultimate solution?  A Freedome® - Geometrica’s trademark for free-style domes. 

At Coemin’s Cerrillos Plant (Chile), a three-sided structure with rounded corners and a dimple in one of the sides was designed.  From above, the Freedome looks like a heart with spans reaching 90m. 

Here’s a short video with Architect Percy Diaz, Coemin’s Projects Manager, talking about his plant's Freedome.

Coemin is a mineral ore processing plant in Chile. They installed a 5000m2 Geometrica Freedome® to cover their crushing processes and help meet their environmental goals.
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