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Modern design tools like Rhino, Grasshopper and Revit allow unprecedented creativity in the design of buildings. But realizing these creative designs is a challenge: framing systems that can meet free-form requirements are expensive. Costs often run over budget and construction can take way too long. The promise of structural efficiency goes unmet.

Geometrica provides a structural system that solves this problem. An efficient extruded aluminum joint and fully automated fabrication of tubular parts allow the creation of gridshells, skylights and free-form surfaces.

Cladding can be glass, metal, wood or fabric. Geometrica integrates these materials into a full envelope solution for your building.

Geometrica Freeform structure in Malta.

Geometrica Freeform structure in Malta.

Bending and shaping dreams into reality

Geometrica’s system has the advantage of transferring bending moments in the strong direction of the joint. It also allows tubes sizes and angles to adjust to the desired shape. The only limit is the imagination. Below, you can see examples of our space frames.

We are an architect’s dream come true. Any shape. Any size. With structures all over the globe, Geometrica has successfully proven that no matter the terrain, regulations or expectations, we can deliver.

Our structures invite the visitor’s imagination to soar.


Let your imagination fly. Let your dreams become a tangible prowess. Send us your model and have your creation built… And make your customer happy.

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