PLACEHOLDER COPY. True design freedom allows stunning facades, once thought impossible, to become award-winning realities.


Free Form

Design professionals worldwide are discovering a versatile structural system that empowers them to create distinctive forms for iconic buildings. Geometrica's s permits unprecedented architectural expression—using versatile technology that inspires stunning modern design.

Architects and engineers have long dreamed of a structural solution that offers both complete geometric freedom and economic efficiency. Geometrica is that solution.


Beautiful Facades and Cladding

Geometrica domes may be clad with safety glass in single or insulated panels. Choose multicolored or transparent cladding for maximum light. True free form structures may be clad with a three-way glass pattern. 

These skylights offer limitless design freedom: light-catching and free form, they lend awe-inspiring beauty to any structure.


Long Span

When your goal is long span, light weight and aesthetic beauty, Geometrica Freedomes are a breath of fresh air. 

The shape of the structure can duplicate the shape of the venue, eliminating wasted space. And the absence of interior columns means open vistas for the audience.

Geometrica domes can clear as much as 300 meters, or cantilever over 50 meters. Their strength comes from their structural form. The domes can be engineered to support catwalks, scoreboards, sound and lighting, curtains and rigging - everything needed for the venue.



Geometrica structures are efficient and beautiful solutions for a variety of uses.

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Assembly Halls + Education





Sport Facilities


Exhibit Halls + Hospitality