Design with Freedome®


With Geometrica, free-form structures and gridshells are both efficient and attainable.


Modern design tools like Revit, Rhino and Grasshopper allow unprecedented creativity in the design of building envelopes. But realizing these creative designs has been a challenge: structural systems that can frame free-form geometries are often prohibitively expensive. Costs often run over budget and construction drags on for too long. The promise of structural efficiency goes unmet.

Geometrica solves this problem with Freedome®. A structural system with complete freedom of form, it is based on an efficient joint and fully automated fabrication. Freedome® allows the creation of free-style roofs and façades.

Cladding can be glass, metal, wood, fabric or polymers. Geometrica integrates these materials into a full envelope solution for your building.

So go ahead. Be Bold. Design with Freedome®.


Geometrica’s framing system for parametric design grants endless possibility.




Dr. Douglas T. Wright discusses Freedome®


Coming in the Fall of 2019 (Mac OS)

The Freedome App™


Geometrica Freedome® is more than a structural system. The Freedome App™ will allow you to generate and visualize elegant free-form structures and gridshells, and export 3D models to CAD and 3D prints.

The Freedome App™ will be available in the Fall of 2019. If you are interested in this software, look for its introduction in our newsletter and please check the Freedome App™ box in the form below.



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