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The Velardeña Dome... in Video!

The Velardeña mine and its neighboring town in the Mexican state of Durango share the same topography and environment.

Mining Dome to enclose Stockpile

Environmental Effects Video

Industrias Peñoles oversees the mine and utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to safeguard air and water supplies. Geometrica designed a mining dome to enclose the stockpile. Two conveyors feed material into the dome spanning 64m in diameter and 31m in height.

Sustainability is at the heart of the mining complex. Environmental goals at Peñoles Velardeña demonstrate leadership in "green" initiatives for the region, as well and the entire mining industry. View the Sandvik Mining video to the right and enjoy a closer look at operations.
Read more about domes for sustainable mining here.
Hosting the Santos Laguna Soccer Club
Structural SolutionOften structures such as the Velardeña dome become cultural landmarks, gaining attention for more than environmental factors. For a lightheated perspective on the dome, enjoy a video of the making of the Santos Laguna's official team photo.
This Mexican futbol club based in Torreon, Coahuila traveled to the Velardeña Peñoles mining dome for a photo shoot. The players experienced an up-close tour under the dome and even suited up for the occasion (view the video to the right).
The Santos delegation of players, coaching staff and directors had the opportunity to go down about 200 meters into the mine to level 7 of 16. They saw the effort that miners perform by extracting 6000 tonnes per day of minerals such as lead, copper and zinc.

Geometrica Offers Real Solutions

* Built by local crews without special or heavy equipment
* May be supported on slopes or irregular terrain
* Allows the pile to remain in operation during construction
* May be designed to resist high wind and snow loads on the apex or encapsulate the discharge point
* Reduce emissions, noise, dust and contaminants
Geometrica's Real Solution
The question is, "What can Geometrica do for you?" Please inquire below.