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Time Flies - Celebrating 25 Sensational Years

It’s not clear when the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” first appeared.  Its elder sibling, the axiom “Time flies”, goes back at least to the Roman poet Virgil (70-19 BCE).  While “time flies” is simply a motto about how time is lost, the longer saying is more about how we perceive time when our minds are happily occupied.
This month marks a milestone celebration for Geometrica.  We have provided structures for sports venues, convention centers, houses of worship, offices, and industry for 25 years.  It seems like it was only yesterday when we installed our first dome.  
25 Years of Geometrica

Signature Projects

With hundreds of clients, and installations across five continents, Geometrica has the experience necessary to deliver creative solutions for both architectural and industrial applications. 
We have a lot of projects to be proud of.  For brevity, here are just a few of our signature projects:
  • One of our largest projects involved the design and installation for the Nemak Industrial Plant in Mexico.  Four super sized 224m Freedomes® accommodate automobile parts manufacturing. Each one is identical in shape and all were built consecutively. 
  • Petroleum Storage Domes Petroleum Coke Storage Domes
  • At the JEA power plant in Jacksonville, two 122m storage domes cover petroleum coke stockpiles near wetlands in northern Florida (USA).  Both are internally clad to reduce the threat of combustibility. 
  • Belém Guerrero Velodrome Velodrome in Mexicio
  • The 80m x 120m Belém Guerrero Velodrome in Mexico City serves as a training and practice facility for cyclists, but also transforms into an arena for live performances.
  • Marchwood Silver Dome in UK
  • The Marchwood Silver Dome is a stunning shoreside icon in Southampton (United Kingdom).  Awarded in 2009 as the “Best Designed Project” by Partnerships Bulletin.  The facility conceals and beautifies a waste-to-energy facility.
  • Marchwood Silver Dome Design Marchwood Silver Aluminium Dome
  • Geometrica’s skylight at the Children’s Museum in Carolina, Puerto Rico covers a large expanse with a graceful freestyle design.  Puerto Rico is subject to hurricanes and torrential rains.  This airy skylight resists both, while still allowing the blue Caribbean sky into the exhibition space.  
  • Skylight at Children’s Museum Dome Cladding Design
  • In the southern part of the Peruvian Andes, at an altitude of approximately 3,500 meters above sea level, a copper stockpile is covered in Cuajone.  Built while the stockpile was in operation, this impressive structure incorporates 3 different structure types - a semi-dome encloses one end, the main body has arches and a space frame wall closes the other end.  
  • Copper Stockpile Covered in Cuajone
  • A pioneering structure for Esplora, Malta’s National Interactive Science Centre was recently added to our portfolio.  Like a soft cloth, a Geometrica structure nests a planetarium sphere in the center.  A random arrangement of supports and edge conditions were shaped to smoothly cover an approximate area of 540 square meters.  
  • Malta’s National Interactive Science Centre
  • The Freedome at Bocamina II is one of Geometrica’s most challenging and successful projects to date. Located in the coastal town of Coronel (Chile), the Bocamina power station is a thermoelectric power plant operated by Endesa. Covering the coal storage yard was part of an overall initiative to bring the plant’s environmental standards to a level amongst the highest in the country, if not the world.
  • Bocamiba II in Coastal Town of Coronel (Chile)

Quality Management System

Producing quality work is a key priority for us at Geometrica. Our ISO 9001, ISO 3834 and EN 1090 accreditations show just how far we will go to ensure the best quality of work for all of our clients worldwide.
When we first achieved our quality management certifications in 2009, we were very keen to ensure that all of these quality frameworks were used to bring genuine value to our clients, rather than focusing on accreditation for accreditation's sake. Hours of work and preparation were undertaken, internal policies and processes aligned with standards, employees trained and internal audits completed. 
Documenting and improving our Quality Management System (QMS) is an intense process but we consider it to be our greatest on-going accomplishment to date.  By using a Wiki based website, documentation is developed and improved in a collaborative way.  It empowers everyone in the organization.  
We have a QMS centered on the whole organization.  It develops a deep corporate culture for continuous improvement and teamwork.  We adapt to change, and work fast, efficiently and effectively.  Our proven system ensures that every project is delivered with the highest possible quality.   

Bridge to China

When you think about emerging markets, you may think first of the People’s Republic of China, if only because it’s so big.  China is the world’s workshop.  An emerging market success, the country has plenty of room to grow. 
However, China’s economic miracle has come at a high cost to the land, the air and the water.  The country’s rapid economic and infrastructure growth has led to environmental damage and atmospheric pollution.  Improving environmental stewardship is critical.  
The country is beginning to fight back with new environmental policies and innovative solutions.  And, we’d like to think that Geometrica’s technology is helping China too.  
In 2015, we signed a breakthrough agreement with Huadian Heavy Industries (HHI).  With this agreement, HHI has an exclusive license to Geometrica’s Freedome technology in China.  
HHI Team with Geometrica's Team

Technology licensing agreement signing ceremony - May 5, 2015 (Beijing)

This advanced spatial structural technology provides light weight and long span solutions that contain emissions and reduce environmental pollution. This technology can be used to enclose power plants, coal yards, steel mills, and cargo terminals. 
HHI’s core market competitiveness is significantly strengthened. And, bare plants and bulk storage yards will soon be under cover across China.

Then & Now

If there is one thing that is certain, it is change.  A lot of things have changed since the year 1992.  Can you believe that 1992 was 25 years ago!? These images, make us realize how different yesterday looks side by side with today.  
First International Advertisement (1995) One current advertisement (2017)

First International advertisement (1995)

One current advertisement (2017)


Board of Directors of Geometrica in 1993 Board of Directors of Geometrica in 2015

Board of Directors (1993)

Board of Directors (2015)

First Coal Storage Freedomein Taiwan, 1996 Latest Coal Storage Freedome in Chile, 2016

First coal storage Freedome, 60 m span (Taiwan, 1996)

Latest coal storage Freedome, 207m span (Chile, 2016)


At Geometrica, time does pass quicker because we enjoy what we do. Architects, miners, power producers and cement manufacturers have come to know and trust Geometrica for a quarter century. So today, we pause to let the past show how far we’ve really come and to celebrate our silver jubilee.  
Geometrica clients, employees and business partners all over the globe have helped Geometrica “make the world better”.  To every single individual, thank you. 
When Geometrica was founded in the summer of 1992, we could hardly foresee our growth to an international company offering endless design options for architecture and industry. We pledge boldness in Geometrica’s second quarter century to create a company that never stops moving toward the future.  
Cheers to 25 years and more!