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Geometrica’s Wiki-Use and ISO 9001 Certification: Helping others achieve quality management success

In 2009, Geometrica obtained ISO 9001 certification by using a wiki to document its quality management system. Geometrica’s wiki platform facilitates well-organized documentation as well as constant collaboration across an organization, which simplifies compliance with ISO 9001’s stringent quality management standards. In fact, because of their use of a wiki for this process, Geometrica was able to achieve certification in a mere nine months.

Geometrica has shared the success of their use of a wiki to document a quality management system through published articles as well as meetings with other organizations seeking quality management certification. Recently, they met with Royal Oak Industries – a large machining and product supplier based in Michigan – to explain and discuss the wiki-based quality management process, which, thanks to Geometrica, ROI has taken upon itself to explore.

Royal Oak Industries