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International Collaboration Joins Technology Firms

May 5, 2015, Beijing, China — Huadian Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (HHI), a subsidiary of China Huadian Corporation, has entered a licensing agreement with Ideas Geométrica, S. de R.L. de C.V. to offer and use Geometrica Technology in China.

Meeting of HHI in Beijin

HHI is a specialized engineering firm located in Beijing, China with a business scope involving R&D and manufacturing for heavy machinery, environmental protection, water treatment, new energy technology, EPC services, energy technology research, and international trade. Ideas Geométrica of Monterrey, Mexico, is the technology commercialization subsidiary of Geometrica de Mexico, S.A. de C.V., also of Monterrey, and Geometrica, Inc., of Houston, TX. Geometrica has developed unique "Freedome®" technology for the design, manufacturing and installation of environmentally-friendly long span domes for industrial and architectural use worldwide.

HHI Team and Geometrica Team

General Manager Wang Rugui, Deputy General Manager Wei Gongxun, Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer Liu Tianjun, Deputy General Manager Guo Shuwang, Huadian Heavy Machinery General Manager Qi Bingsheng, General Manager of the Steel Structure Division Liu Tao, Deputy General Manager of the Materials Division Liu Zhengdeng, and other materials division representatives joined the Geometrica team at the licensing contract signing ceremony held in Beijing, China. CEO Francisco Castano, VP Roel Castano, CFO and CQO Gerardo Mendez, and Technology Licensing Contracts Manager Priscila Tamez traveled from Houston, TX and Monterrey, Mexico for the start of this international collaboration.

Aggrement Signed between HHI and Geometrica

At present, the Chinese government places environmental protection initiatives in high priority. The State Department promulgated the “Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan” requiring the enclosure of bare bulk yards to reduce environmental dust pollution. Advanced Freedome® spatial structural technology provides light weight and long span advantages to contain particulate emissions, and achieves this more efficiently and economically when compared to conventional structural systems. Currently, there is no precedent of the use of this structural application in China.

The technology can be used to enclose electric power plants, steel mills, coal yards, bulk stockyards, and cargo terminals as a means to provide environmentally-friendly storage and materials handling solutions. It can also be widely applied in high-speed train stations, airports, stadiums and other public buildings. The introduction of this technology will significantly improve HHI's core market competitiveness in material transportation, high-end steel structures, thermal engineering and other businesses as a new profit growth point for the company.

Based upon the signing of the agreement, HHI has received an exclusive license to Geometrica's technology for 25 years in the Chinese market. Please see HHI's press release and website  for more information.