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On the Go... with Space Frames, Vaults and Domes

With all the transportation-oriented clients Geometrica has served since 1992 (and even a generation earlier), we considered entitling this article "Planes, Trains and Automobiles!" We hope you enjoy "traveling" with us through an album interspersed with nostalgic projects and modern space frames, all envisioned by clients of Geometrica's trademarked system.

Free Form Style Dome

Back then... free form style was cutting edge, state-of-the-art, and totally new!

1960s Architecture for Vintage Cars
Nostalgic 1960s architecture -- and glimpses of vintage cars! 

Since F. Castano Sr. founded Geometrica’s precursor in the 1960’s, we have used advanced information technologies and materials science to bring beauty and efficiency to hundreds of projects around the world. Architects today are realizing the versatility of space frames for artistic expression.

Space Frame Free Form Design

Same concept, new century: free form design still "driving" the market.

Today's barrier-free domes, vaults and space frames attest to ultramodern craftsmanship and Geometrica's superior engineering, design, prefabrication and installation processes. Now people and equipment can stay "on the go" regardless of terrain or climate. Geometrica has covered applications on mountainsides, inland and quayside — even a "submarine project" we can't say much about! At this point, Geometrica space frames, free form structures, barrel vaults and domes have changed the landscape of 30 countries.

Trucks, Machinery and Equipment

From trucks to heavy equipment, transportation remains a huge focus in a world of commerce. Industrial sites seek barrier-free, open concept space frame technology to accomodate the free flow of traffic, as well as to achieve inventory and operational goals. Spanning up to 300m on any topography, Geometrica structures are built to withstand typhoon-force winds and brutal snow loads.

Barrel Vault Structures for Equipments

Room to roam: Geometrica designs for barrier-free movement of personnel and equipment.

Amazingly, Geometrica domes and space frames are capable of spanning 300m and comes in a dazzling variety of shapes and patterns — capitalizing on the inherent strength of triangular lattices.

Industrial Bulk Storage for Different Projects

With industrial and bulk storage projects, domes and barrel vaults are often built directly over equipment and machinery.

The goal is to identify solutions for today's inventories, as well as the flow of traffic, machinery and equipment. From cargo control to warehouse storage to safety mandates, Geometrica designs practical solutions for any industry. In fact, our technology has evolved exponentially, and through it we have built an amazing portfolio of walkways, border crossing stations, warehouses, tollbooths, airplane hangers and port infrastructure.

Interior glimps of a Nemak Dome

   Interior glimps of a Nemak Dome spanning 224m. This massive structure accommodates automotive manufacturing without internal columns or support.

Airports, Planes and Passengers

From baggage claim to passengers, Geometrica applications creatively cover space in busy places around the globe. Wherever there is a need for the free flow of people, equipment and inventory, we help accomplish just that under some of the most inspirational, yet practical, enclosures on the planet.

Dome for Jets

The 60m span of this enclosed hangar provides cover for the largest executive jets.

This variety is made possible by our sophisticated computerized design and manufacturing process. The technology allows airports of all sizes to organize the flow of traffic and passengers inside and outside terminals.

Space Frame for Columbia City Airport

    Columbia City Airport — guiding vehicles through entrances, exits and parking lots.

Space Frame Hangar in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Swift Aviiation's 17 x 175 space frame hangar in the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Cuernavaca Airport Dome

Cuernavaca Airport terminals take passengers to their flights.


Most recently, Geometrica is proud to have helped inspire the design of the world's newest major airport. Fernando Romero EnterprisE and Foster + Partners recently won the global competition for the design of the International Airport of Mexico City — a revolutionary 455,000 square metre gridshell.

International Airport of Mexico City

In the works: The International Airport of Mexico City embraces walls and roof in a single flowing form, evocative of flight.

Tollbooths and Borders

At the Mexico-US border, 40,000 square meters of Geometrica space frames cover one of the busiest international cargo crossings in the world. The Geometrica system helps keep traffic flowing by covering vast amounts of space in a strong, yet graceful, web of tubes and hubs designed with our custom software.

You might say these structures are "engineered for life" and built for longevity. Structural components include corrosion-resistant galvanized steel tubes joined with our patented hubs, finshed with powder-or-wet-coatings in any color of the rainbow and clad with any roof or ceiling system, including translucent or transparent skylights. Geometrica's domes and space frames are designed with software that controls the manufacturing and produces the exact tubes and hubs needed — all packaged in the correct order for easy, flawless and fast assembly.

Tollboth in Laredo
A tollboth in Laredo is designed to accommodate interstate and commuter traffic.

    Barrier-free Space Frames    

Barrier-free space frames help organize the flow of inbound and outbound traffic at the border port of entry between Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and Laredo, Texas.

People On the Go

Geometrica brings flexibility and affordable cost to modern architecture — but also an element of utility and enjoyment. Although monumentally gorgeous, the primary function of the CNAR Velodrome in Mexico (below) is to be of use to the community.

Velodrome in Mexico

The Velodrome in Mexico is an example of a modern day multi-use sports dome built for the community.

Multi purpose Domes

Under soaring ceilings, bicycle enthusiasts enjoy the impressive wooden track. The space occasionally doubles as a performance site for musical talents and concert-goers. It has also been visited by its fair share of government dignitaries, such as President Fox (above right).

By Sea and Estuary

Shiploaders are a common sight along the jetties and piers of the world. Yet these enormous machines would have no loads if it were not for the ancillary port infrastructure. Marine transport of solid bulk materials such as iron ore, coal, fertilizers, grains and wood chips is made possible through the use of port stockpiles. As bulk material gets loaded and unloaded from the ship, it is unloaded and loaded from the stockpile. Geometrica is pleased to play a part in the overall picture as an international supplier of long span storage domes that help insure such port stockpiles are environment-friendly.

Quayside Fertilizer Storage Dome

 This quayside fertilizer storage dome defies saltwater and typhoon winds as ships sail in and out of port.

With an abundance of creative solutions for land, sea and air... the question is, 'What can Geometrica do for you?" Contact us to learn more about space frames and domes for your special project.