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Geometrica to participate in WikiFest

Based on the published article "Using a Wiki for Document Control", as well as various internet forums on the use of a Wiki, Geometrica has been asked to participate in the WikiFest to be held in Orlando, Florida the end of October.

The WikiFest Conference sessions are devoted to help businesses start and grow a successful Wiki for their organizations. Alongside Francisco Castano, president and CEO of Geometrica, will be Noelle Thurlow of Outward Bound International and Alan Porter of WebWorks. Their presentations will cover choosing the right Wiki software, how to run a pilot and grow usage, how the team uses a Wiki, how it has helped improve productivity, and any obstacles.

Geometrica has pioneered using a Wiki to implement a quality management system. ISO9001:2008 requires document control. The QMS system (Wiki) Geometrica has in place allows for reviewing, updating, and approving documents before use; ensuring that relevant versions are available; and preventing the use of obsolete documents.

The WikiFest Symposium is part of the OOPSLA Conference that will have speakers from Germany, Denmark, Japan as well as the University of Minnesota, Carnegie Melon University, and IBM Research. (Wondering what OOPSLA is? Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications. Still wondering what OOPSLA is? It is the conference of choice for software technologists!)