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Civil Engineering Forum - UDEM 2015

UDEM forum in Monterrey, Mexico

Senior engineer at our Mexico affiliate, Fernando Gracia, recently participated in the "Vanguard Solutions for Engineering" UDEM forum in Monterrey, Mexico. He addressed approximately 100 civil engineering and architectural students (and a few professors).

"I discussed Geometrica's revolutionary innovations in construction," says Gracia. "Civil engineering principles are utilized in our dome installations, especially across the immense infrastructure of cement, power, mining and fertilizer stockyards."

Civil Engineering — A Case in Point

Gracia has been instrumental in the design and installation of global projects, including the record breaking longitudinal bulk handling solutions installed in Djebel Ressas, Tunisia. Geometrica supplied an additive storage vault spanning 200m, a coal storage vault spanning 300m, and a limestone storage dome spanning 90m circular dome for Carthage Cement's new plant that produces 5,800 tons of cement per day.

To complete the plant, Carthage Cement entrusted FLSmidth (FLS), a global engineering company based in Copenhagen, to supply machinery and engineering. Turkish contractor EKON was FLS's partner for the civil works, including civil design, supply of structural steel and plate work, site preparation, and plant erection. The civil work compares in scale to that required to build an entire town.

Worldwide Solutions

To date, Geometrica's "all-terrain" domes have changed the landscape in 30 countries. They are built to withstand typhoon winds, brutal snow loads, punishing slopes and corrosive saltwater environments. The question is, "What can Geometrica build for you?" To learn more, please inquire below.