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Singular and Plural

A single storage dome is an achievement. What if more than one dome is required? Many industries often require multiple solutions to cover a wide range of inventories and equipment. For 25 years, Geometrica has covered stockpiles under some of the harshest conditions, remote locations and uneven terrains.

Cover Your Bulk!

We’ve used concrete for millennia. The basic ingredients - stone, a burnt mineral binders, and water - have been mixed since antiquity. The Romans used it to create such wonders as the Pantheon in Rome, with its 43m diameter concrete dome. Today, concrete is one of the most widely used materials on the planet - some say second only to water. As a result, the cement industry has an enormous impact on the environment. Quality requirements and environmental consciousness now demand that raw and processed materials are stored under cover.

Making History

Looking back at the past, there are many vintage technologies that we no longer use - telex machines, analog telephones, cassette tapes and floppy disc.

Uncovered coal stockpiles may now become history too.

Freedome® technology moves the task of covering stockpiles into the next generation.