Recent News

A Second Dome for Senegal

We appreciate repeat business! In 2002, Geometrica designed a 73m bulk storage dome for Les Ciments du Sahel in Senegal. This installation led to a follow up project in 2010, with Geometrica designing and installing a circular structure covering an limestone stockpile spanning 94m. Both domes have improved Ciments du Sahel's runoff and air quality measures and add a vivid touch of blue to the landscape.

Resisting Corrosion in Veracruz

It is a lovely port city. As Mexico's traditional and colorful gateway, Veracruz welcomes trade and tourists with friendship and warmth. But it is not as welcoming to metal buildings. Veracruz is a notoriously corrosive location. Host to oil processing and refining complexes, the city has a tropical, industrial, humid, marine, salt-sprayed, "ISO 9223-C5 very high corrosivity" atmosphere. Corrosion there feasts on metal faster than tourists on tacos. And Veracruz also suffers from hurricanes bearing in from the Gulf of Mexico every few years.

Long Span for Long Piles

If mines, ports, power and cement plants around the world have one thing in common, it's the need to have enormous stockpiles of dry bulk material. And, managing these stockpiles for greater sustainability, efficiency, safety and protection is an increasing challenge. We have the solution.

Our CEO Rocks

Francisco Castaño, CEO of Geometrica, will deliver a speech at the upcoming Bravo MX: Innovation Rockstars event at the Plaza Condesa in Mexico City on July 7. For the second consecutive year, Castaño will be recognized as one of Mexico’s most successful entrepreneurs. Produced by Entrepreneur magazine, the event mixes business and inspiration with the high energy of rock.

Freedomes - Built by Numbers

Geometrica’s Freedome® takes on dream-like shapes, but designing a column-free dome to cover an irregular area is just the beginning. When finished, some of our domes have more than 100,000 individual pieces - all different from each other. How do we keep costs low and installation fast? Ever painted-by-numbers?