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Domes of the Middle East

Geometrica designs some of the world’s largest free span domes, trademarked as Freedomes®, as a solution for challenging architectural and logistical feats across the Middle East. Freedome technology has revolutionized the installation process on any terrain, including sandy deserts, high dunes, salt flats, gravel plains and coastal strips.

Star Cement, UEA

The Domes of Africa

Geometrica's domes and vaults are highly favored for a variety of uses, from raw material storage to worship venues. These long span structures appear from Tunisia in the north to South Africa in the, well, south, of this, the second largest continent in the world.

Adventures in the Andes

When it comes to the Andes of South America, it's not hard to imagine the challenges of raw material storage. High winds kick up dust, punishing snow loads blanket the region, and torturous slopes render conventional construction methods useless. What's a stockpile operator to do?