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Best shopping center in Singapore

Singapore is well known for its multicultural spirit and universal appeal to travelers--and great shopping. Mustafa Center, a multilevel shopping center, offers an intense, 24-hour-a-day shopping experience, with its myriad of interesting shops that attract more than 15,000 customers of many nationalities every weekend. Mustafa Center offers everything from fine fabrics to electronic devices to jewels. Its restaurants, too, offer a wide selection of cuisine. Crowning it all is a Geometrica dome.

95m Dome for Barrick Zaldivar, Chile.

When Barrick's Zaldivar mine needed a 95m dome to cover its ore stockpile, it selected Geometrica for several reasons: First, it had considerable experience with these types of domes in Chile (Mantos Blancos, Escondida, Pucobre, and others). Second, the Geometrica offered a lower lifetime price than competitive structures. Third, the installation program was fast even while the stockpile remained in operation.