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Geometrica’s Wiki-Use and ISO 9001 Certification: Helping others achieve quality management success

In 2009, Geometrica obtained ISO 9001 certification by using a wiki to document its quality management system. Geometrica’s wiki platform facilitates well-organized documentation as well as constant collaboration across an organization, which simplifies compliance with ISO 9001’s stringent quality management standards. In fact, because of their use of a wiki for this process, Geometrica was able to achieve certification in a mere nine months.

20 years of Geometrica

The year was 1992 and the world changed: Russia and the US officially end the cold war. Canada, US and Mexico reach the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The Maastricht Treaty is signed, founding the European Union. 500th anniversary of the meeting of 2 cultures. First confirmed detection of extra-solar planets. In Texas and Mexico, the premier dome company, Geometrica, was founded!

The "7th Wonder" of Ghana

by Denise Allen Zwicker

"He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn’t be done, and he did it!"*

For two years, the new building for the Word Miracle Church International in Accra, Ghana, sat roofless. “We had built a 14,000-seat auditorium that was 59 meters across, without pillars, and we needed to cover it. But no one in Ghana could do it. No one in Nigeria could do it. No one in South Africa could do it. It was a dilemma,”

Hyparwave™ 123

Geometrica structures define and beautify space – flying above, wrapping around, and taking a multitude of shapes. Geometrica Freedomes® and space frames invite and delight visitors with their superior aesthetics.