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Another Milestone in Chile

Here’s an installation video (10s) of the space frame that hangs from the apex of one of the largest domes that we've ever designed. Lifting the 40-ton platform over 30 meters (100 feet) went very smoothly, despite the complexity of the maneuver. Congratulations to the project team!

Going Green With Domes

Are open bulk storage yards a thing of the past? With an increasing need for environmental compliance, uncovered stockpiles need to be enclosed sooner rather than later. It’s no surprise that mines, ports, power and cement plants seek a storage solution that avoids downtime and high cost.

Anti-Corruption: Geometrica

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, we actively join forces with other companies and nongovernmental organizations in the fight against corruption. We are committed to help realize a more transparent global economy with sustainable development and fair competition for all.

Cladding: Skylights, Façades and Other Building Envelopes

Cladding is more than just a protective skin on the exterior of a building. With the right design and construction, it can add a breathtaking architectural element to a structure. For instance, glass cladding not only lets the outdoors in but can do so in striking ways that are far from predictable. Opaque, textured or clear features on a wall or ceiling can infuse a space with nature, art, or both.

Using a wiki to implement a QMS

Chances are you've used Wikipedia on the web, but you may not appreciate the power that a wiki can bring to virtually every facet of documentation and management systems. This case study describes how Geometrica used a wiki to document its QMS and achieve ISO 9001 certification in "record" time while avoiding the bureaucracy that often plagues this process. Just remember -- You read it here first!

Giant Dome Controls Dust at Cement Plant

By T.V.S. Chidambaram, Star Cement Co. LLC, and F. Castano, Geometrica, Inc.

This Emirate in the UAE holds the distinction of being the largest cement producer in the country. For a long time Ras Al Khaimah (often referred to as RAK) has provided high-quality construction materials to its more famous siblings, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, helping build the country's infrastructure and fuel its remarkable growth.