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    Exhibit and Hospitality
    Geometrica structures define and beautify space – flying above, wrapping around, and taking a multitude of shapes. Our structures can be asymmetric in plan and profile, and curved in multiple directions. Simple and non-invasive supports can provide nearly any clear span or column pattern. Geometrica Freedomes and space frames invite and delight visitors with their superior aesthetics.

    Holiday Inn, Mexico

    Hotels and Exhibit Halls
    The beautiful glass-clad Geometrica dome of the prestigious Hyatt Hotel in Cancun transforms the sky into jeweled facets and colors the hotel's interior with tints of the Caribbean sea.
    Geometrica is the ideal choice when the use of space must remain flexible and changeable. No other structure combines such vast open spaces with beauty and strength. 

    Мозаичный каркас свободной формы - необычный способ покрыть большую площадь.
    Whether in galvanized steel or aluminum, all Geometrica structures may be finished in high-quality powder or wet coats in a great variety of beautiful colors.
    Award-Winning Design
    Geometrica's design for the Museo Soumaya included a daring and seemingly impossible facade. The structure soars upward in a unique asymmetry, while inside people enjoy exhibits and more.

    Museum Soumaya award-winning facade

    Shopping and Tourism

    One of the most spectacular sights in Singapore is the Mustafa Center, one of the nation's favorite shopping centers and draw for tourists. Any custom design is possible, whether the mall is located in an area with typhoon-force winds or heavy snow loads.

    Mustafa Center — an iconic shopping destination attracting tourists from around the globe

    The question is, "What can Geometrica do for you?" Inquire below to open a world of possibilities.


    Side Gallery Images

    Side Gallery Images: 
    Space-frame design, conference center, 10000 m2
    30m canopy
    220m elliptical dome Freedome (three-dimensional model)
    Omnimax Theater