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    Assembly and Education

    Let the mind and spirit soar! Geometrica helps architects realize their most moving inspirations. The disci­pline of order and balance and the freedom of form that our creations bring to an open space inspires students and congregations alike.

    Slender structures stand on their own, free of columns, masts or other visual noise. Vast enclosures house complete environments under one unifying envelope. Shapes reflect aspirations – not the limitations of building materials.

    Community Gatherings
    The Hulhumale Mosque in the Maldives is recognized as one of the most beautiful places of worship in South Asia. Likewise, San Juan Bautista in Monterrey, Mexico has been referred to as a "soul-stirring structure." The exquisite architectural elements add to the worship experience.

    San juan Bautista with an exquisite upward sweeping dome
    Public Resources
    Geometrica domes appear the world over in assembly and education settings. For instance, The curtain wall of the Queretaro Library invites readers into the natural environment, as does the Children's Museum with it's rooftop view of the sun and stars. 

    Public Library Curtain Wall, Queretaro, Mexico.

    Stage and Screen
    Freedomes are ideal structural solutions in that domes can be envisioned and designed unfettered by the constraints of traditional buildings. Geometrica has unleashed complete design freedom in the Freedome®. These magnificent covers provide a breathtaking backdrop for stage and screen. Music concerts, operas, phllharmonic, orchestra, dramatic plays, film screenings and comedy routines delight crowds under splendid roofs designed to add ambiance.
    Entire big screen theaters have opted to sell tickets and seating in round domes with brilliant cladding. These community landmarks certainly draw crowds — for the entertainment, but also for the novel setting!

    A theater dome under construction... movie goers are in for a unique experience!

    Ideal for all terrains and climates, Geometrica domes solve a myriad of problems in delightful ways. What can you envision for your next project? Inquire below to learn about a world of possibilities.





    Side Gallery Images

    Side Gallery Images: 
    House of Worship, Male, Maldives. Photo courtesy of Nattu
    Paraboloid Church Structure
    University Courtyard
    Polycarbonate clad atrium space frame