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Interesting Article in MINE Magazine

In this article, journalist Heidi Vella-Starr interviewed Geometrica regarding Chilean mining domes... and the delicate balance between industry and agriculture. Her "Mines and Wines" article can be read in Mine Magazine. Article in MINE Magazine

As background, Geometrica has built hundreds of applications worldwide, with several in the Andes. We are honored that  many mines in Chile operate under a Geometric dome — or "Freedome."

Our ability to build on mountainsides and slopes at great spans makes this an ideal application for the industry. The strength of our domes to withstand extreme weather and brutal snow loads attests to the overall benefits of Freedome technology.

Read more about some of our Chilean mining projects in which we cover ore, silver, copper and other mineral stockpiles, as well as stockpiles of coal, clay, potash, bauxite and more. We also provide a link to the nearby San Cristobal dome project. 






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