Planet-Friendly Ports
Shiploaders are a common sight along the jetties and piers of the world. Yet these enormous machines would have no loads if it were not for the ancillary port infrastructure.
Quayside Storage Solutions
Marine transport of solid bulk materials such as iron ore, coal, fertilizers, grains and wood chips is made possible through the use of port stockpiles. Geometrica is pleased to play a part in the overall picture as an international supplier of long span storage domes that help insure such port stockpiles are eco-friendly. Notably, the domes help spare stockpiles from the environment... and the environment from stockpiles that may be corrosive or caustic in nature.

Geometrica Steel Structures

Pupuk Kaltim, a fertilizer manufacturer in Indonesia, features a continuous barge unloader.

Our design system is ideal for marine applications, and we've even covered a submarine base (but we can't show you pictures of that particular project). Geometrica structures of galvanized steel and aluminum alloys offer corrosion resistant protection against brutal saltwater and typhoon-force winds.


Coal Storgae Dome

A quartet of 126m Tai Power domes defy saltwater corrosion while storing coal.

The question is, what can Geometrica design for you? Please inquire below and a representative will respond with solutions to your portside storage and design needs.